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of tax advantage to be provided if you are a consultant in taiwan or china. is able to dvd global solution including new zealand -- it is able to give you the global solution including new zealand. it is one of the more transparent with very low corruption. it is an easygoing place. if you are looking for an overseas tax shelter, it is much better to have new steel and -- new zealand as a choice. new zealand is english speaking. we have a very advanced transfer system. every real estate transaction is registered instantly online. there is no lag time. if you buy a piece of farmland to accumulate assets for your family, that transaction can be concluded on the settlement day within minutes. there is no delay. when there is no delay, there is no chances of being forgotten or mistakes happening to it. the country is quite innovative. it has a lot of electronic advantages. i feel new zealand is a lot like taiwan. we are very small but very smart. there are a lot of similarities end advantage to be gained. it is a terrific place to be. >> what are some of the industry's -- industries t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1